Concussion Information on the Move: The Role of Mobile Technology in Concussion Management

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Authors: Ahmed, O.H. and Pulman, A.

Journal: The Journal of Community Informatics

Volume: 9

Issue: 2

ISSN: 1712-4441

The emergence of the Internet has led to innovations in healthcare delivery, health-related information searches, and communal interaction with others with the same health condition. Simultaneously, the continued evolution of Smartphone technology has meant that mobile devices now match (and in some cases better) computer functionality.

Mobile technology has a growing significance in disseminating best-practice information for concussion, and the potential benefits and risks of using concussion-related Apps need to be evaluated.

This paper includes an overview of currently available concussion-related Apps and evaluates the potential and future role of mobile technology in concussion management.

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Authors: Ahmed, O.H. and Pulman, A.J.

Journal: J. Community Informatics

Volume: 9

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