The Stonehenge Riverside Project: exploring the Neolithic landscape of Stonehenge

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Authors: Parker Pearson, M., Pollard, J., Richards, C., Thomas, J., Tilley, C.F. and Welham, K.

Journal: Documenta Praehistorica

Volume: XXXV

Pages: 153-166

ISSN: 1854-2492

The Stonehenge Riverside Project is a collaborative enterprise directed by six academics from five UK universities, investigating the place of Stonehenge within its contemporary landscape. In this contribution, a series of novel approaches being employed on the project are outlined, before the results of investigations at the Greater Stonehenge Cursus, Woodhenge, the Cuckoo Stone and Durrington Walls are discussed.

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Authors: Pearson, M.P., Pollard, J., Richards, C., Thomas, J., Tilley, C. and Welham, K.


Volume: 35

Pages: 153-+

ISSN: 1408-967X

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