Foodservice strategies to encourage a healthy lifestyle

Authors: Hartwell, H.J. and Edwards, J.S.A.

Journal: Food Science and Technology (London)

Volume: 27

Issue: 2

Pages: 33-34

ISSN: 1475-3324


Public health responsibility deal was designed as a partnership between the UK Government and the business sector and delivers through food as one of the five Networks. The first deal agreed with this Network was, from September 2001, to sign up food outlets, including restaurants, work canteens, fast food outlets, takeaways and sandwich bars and encourage them to display calorie content of the food on sale. Another strategy to encourage a healthy lifestyle could include dish reformulation, the 'nudge' alternative. This would mean that all dishes were improved and hence reach all consumers not just those who selected the healthy option. A new approach to menu planning and food preparation can be effective without compromising taste or appearance . By modest adaptations of cooking and ingredient content, substantial nutritional improvements can be achieved and 'health by stealth' obtained.

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