Implementation and evaluation of an Adaptive Multimedia Presentation System (AMPS) with contextual supplemental support media

Authors: Rowe, N., Atfield-Cutts, S., Davies, P. and Newell, D.

Journal: Proceedings of the MMEDIA 2010 Conference, Athens, France.


Requirements have been captured for a multimedia presentation learning system that adapts content through interactive interventions between the student and tutor (Cutts, Davies, Newell & Rowe 2009). With the addition of contextual supplementary learning materials, selected by a tutor responding to a series of email questions, supplementary video segments that personalise learning are added. A prototype has been developed using HTML, Flash and XML. Evaluation in this paper shows that adaptation was achieved but with some drawbacks. An analysis model at semantic and data level, needed to process an adaptive multimedia presentation system (AMPS) in real-time is described, raising several research questions. Our results show that the addition of context-based rules to process and recommend descriptions of segmented multimedia components according to a bounded ontology can potentially produce dynamic adaptation of learning material in real-time. A new demonstrator application is under development.

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Preferred by: David Newell and Suzy Atfield-Cutts