A critical review of "green" procurement: Life cycle analysis of food products within the supply chain

Authors: Beer, S. and Lemmer, C.

Journal: Worldwide Hospitality and Tourism Themes

Volume: 3

Issue: 3

Pages: 229-244

eISSN: 1755-4225

ISSN: 1755-4217

DOI: 10.1108/17554211111142194


Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to help readers understand the nature of the food supply chain and the way that environmental "costs" are accumulated along its length, with a view to developing more sustainable supply chains from political, social, economic technological and environmental perspectives. Design/methodology/approach: In order to do this, the authors have examined elements of the supply chain starting off by looking at consumer expectations and moving on to the environmental impact of different food types, different production systems, food transport and food waste. A series of calculations looking at the costings for different types of meals, with different environmental credentials, that might be served at different events is included to put some of the more abstract ideas of and environmental cost/benefit into context. Findings: Performing a thorough life cycle analysis of a meal is a very complex and far from certain procedure. It is essential for us to develop our techniques in order to make informed decisions, but in a commercial world probably the best approach is to adopt a broad set of criteria that are likely to give environmental benefits both to the business, the consumer and broader society. In some cases, this may be best achieved by adopting or developing some sort of accreditation scheme or brand. Practical implications: This paper gives event managers and others involved in the food supply chain context within which to start thinking about more environmentally sound peculiar and of foodstuffs. Originality/value: This paper represents a broad overview pulling together many sets of original findings from a very diverse interdisciplinary literature base. © Emerald Group Publishing Limited.

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A Critical review of 'Green' procurement - life cycle analysis of food products within the supply chain.

Authors: Beer, S.

Journal: Worldwide Hospitality and Tourism Themes

ISSN: 1755-4217

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