KIMA - A holographic telepresence environment based on cymatic principles

Authors: Gingrich, O., Renaud, A. and Emets, E.

Journal: ACM SIGGRAPH 2013 Art Gallery, SIGGRAPH 2013

Pages: 332-343

DOI: 10.1145/2503649.2503652


KIMA is a holographic surround-sound installation that visualizes telepresence as both a phonetic and a synaesthetic phenomenon. The performance piece is based on the physical conditions of cymatics-the study of physically visible sound wave patterns. Two environments, a quad surround and a holographic interface, build the framework of a telematic experience that illustrates communication as wave forms while focusing on the relationship between sound and matter. © 2013 Oliver Gingrich, Alain Renaud, Eugenia Emets.

Source: Scopus