Integrated quality enhancement and review of higher education in Further Education Colleges

Authors: Davies, P. and Simmons, J.

Journal: Research in Post-Compulsory Education

Volume: 17

Issue: 3

Pages: 367-390

eISSN: 1747-5112

ISSN: 1359-6748

DOI: 10.1080/13596748.2012.700182


Integrated Quality Enhancement and Review (IQER) was introduced as quality assurance designed specifically for Higher Education (HE) in Further Education Colleges (FEC) in 2008. Following a historical account of the quality assurance systems applied to HE in FECs prior to this date, we analyse the first 64 IQER Summative Review reports produced between May 2007 and March 2010. The citations of Good Practice and the Recommendations (which come under three headings: Essential, Advisable and Desirable) are categorised and analysed under core themes. The distribution of 'Good Practice' citations and Recommendations is correlated against the number of HE partners and the IQER Co-ordinator and analysed for trends over time. Finally, we have produced a Good Practice Index which aims to weight the number of entries and arrive at an overall score for each college. © 2012 Copyright Further Education Research Association.

Source: Scopus