Scientific data analysis by the method of extended visualization

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Authors: Malikova, E., Pilyugin, V., Adzhiev, V., Pasko, G. and Pasko, A.

Journal: Scientific Visualization

Volume: 5

Issue: 2

Pages: 25-33

eISSN: 2079-3537

A general definition of visualization is a mapping of data to a representation that can be perceived. Types of this representation can be not only visual, but auditory, tactile, and others directly related to human senses or combinations of them. A formal framework for mapping data to various sensory stimuli is an open research issue. In this paper, we discuss extended scientific visualization as a method of data analysis. A formalization of establishing correspondences between the initial data and multiple human perception inputs is proposed. We introduce an approach to mapping data through multidimensional geometric models onto multimedia objects based on multimedia coordinates, and illustrate this approach with a case study of scalar fields analysis involving both visual and auditory representations.

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