Early labour - should we be telling women to stay at home?

Authors: Hundley, V.

Journal: MIDIRS Midwifery Digest

Volume: 23

Issue: 3

Pages: 337-340


Traditionally women have laboured and given birth in their own homes, but over the course of the twentieth century hospital birth increased in frequency, eventually becoming the norm. By 1970 100% hospital birth was being advocated in the United Kingdom, and birth was rarely seen in the community. A similar picture can be seen in Slovenia, where birth outside of hospital is now a rare event. With the move away from birth in the home, deciding when to come into hospital during labour became an important and challenging issue for women. Midwives frequently encourage women to labour at home for as long as possible, but women often seek hospital admission because they are anxious and would like more support. The question is should we be telling women to stay at home?

Source: Manual

Preferred by: Vanora Hundley