Interpretation and implementation of reputation/ brand management by UK university leaders

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Authors: Chapleo, C.

Journal: Case International Journal of Educational Advancement

Volume: 5

Pages: 7-23

ISSN: 1467-3657

DOI: 10.1057/palgrave.ijea.2140201

Reputation and brand management are topical issues in UK higher education but previous research has often focused on marketing practitioners within higher education (HE) institutions rather than the senior, strategic leaders. This paper, however, examines university Chief Executives’ understanding, attitudes and interpretation of reputation and brand management.

Current literature on defining reputation and brand, research on branding in higher education, and the role of leaders in brand management, are examined to give context to the work. Research was conducted through interviews with Vice-Chancellors, Principals and Rectors from a selection of fourteen universities representing three different ‘generations’ (the 1992 universities, those formed in the mid-20th century, and older institutions)

Whilst the work is exploratory in nature it does highlight this as a rapidly evolving area of perceived importance and discusses conclusions on some of the external and internal issues related to reputation and brand management in this sector.

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