Is communications a strategic activity in UK Education?

Authors: Chapleo, C.

Journal: International Journal of Educational Advancement

Volume: 6

Pages: 306-314

ISSN: 1744-6503

DOI: 10.1057/palgrave.ijea.2150038


This qualitative exploratory paper investigates whether communications/public relations is regarded by opinion formers in UK education as a strategic business activity or a tactical marketing tool. It is based upon depth interviews with 16 senior managers with strategic roles in UK higher or further education, or Government bodies, conducted between June and September 2004. The findings seem to suggest that communications/PR is ideally seen by leaders as a strategic function, but that there are limitations to this vision becoming a reality. The research goes on to offer initial conclusions on some of the issues surrounding perception, resource, and implementation of strategic communications/PR in UK education, with implications for practitioners considered.

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Preferred by: Chris Chapleo

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