Predictors and correlates of charlatan behaviour in a non-western context

Authors: Gbadamosi, G.

Journal: Journal of Global Business and Technology

Volume: 2

Pages: 23-32

ISSN: 1553-5495


This survey examines some of the key predictors of charlatan behaviour in Botswana. Usable data was collected from 1367 respondents using questionnaires administered in 7 cities. Results showed significant but inverse correlation between only continuance commitment and core self-evaluation, with all other variables being positively correlated with each other. Charlatan behaviour was significantly correlated with continuance commitment and self-rated job performance while these variables were not significantly correlated with each other. The significant predictors of charlatan behaviour were continuance and affective commitments and job performance. Managerial implications, study’s limitations and directions for future research were well articulated.

Source: Manual

Preferred by: Gbola Gbadamosi