Temporal constraints of the word-blindness post-hypnotic suggestion on Stroop task performance.

Authors: Parris, B.A., Dienes, Z. and Hodgson, T.L.

Journal: Psychology of Consciousness: Theory, Research and Practice

Volume: 1

Issue: Supplemental


The present work investigated possible temporal constraints on the posthypnotic word blindness suggestion effect. In a completely within-subjects and counterbalanced design 19 highly suggestible individuals performed the Stroop task both with and without a post-hypnotic suggestion that they would be unable to read the word dimension of the Stroop stimulus, both when response-stimulus interval (RSI) was short (500ms) or equivalent to previous studies (3500ms). The suggestion reduced Stroop interference in the short RSI condition (54ms vs. 6ms) but not in the long RSI condition (52ms vs. 56ms), and did not affect Stroop facilitation. Our results suggest that response to the suggestion involves reactive top-down control processes that persist only if levels of activation can be maintained.

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