Evidence-based practice: Friend or foe?

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Authors: Breen, A.

Journal: British Journal of Chiropractic (United Kingdom)

Volume: 1

Issue: 1

Pages: 2-3

ISSN: 1466-2108

DOI: 10.1016/S1466-2108(97)80002-2

Chiropractic is an increasingly-recognised health profession and systematic reviews of the effectiveness of manipulation for back pain are responsible for much of that recognition. Establishment on this basis, however demands that the profession learns to operate in the new clinical culture of evidence based practice if it is to progress. This calls for changes in emphases in education for self-monitoring through clinical audit. Evidence based practice can remain a positive factor in the future role of chiropractic provided that the profession and its educators invest meaningfully in arrangements which will allow them to respond to the evidence as it emerges.

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