Information and Communication Flows through Community Multimedia Centers: Perspectives from Mozambican Communities

Authors: Vannini, S., Rega, I. and Cantoni, L.

Journal: Information Technology for Development

Volume: 21

Issue: 1

Pages: 85-98

eISSN: 1554-0170

ISSN: 0268-1102

DOI: 10.1080/02681102.2013.854729


Community multimedia centers (CMCs) are considered by initiating agencies as instruments able to inform, entertain and educate the population, as well as to offer them a voice into knowledge society and to public initiatives. This article presents a quali-quantitative content analysis of 230 interviews held with staff members, users of the venues, people of the community who listen to their radio component but do not use their telecenters, and community members not using CMCs. The sample includes 10 CMCs around Mozambique. The purpose of the study is to investigate the perception of local communities of inbound, outbound, and shared information and communication flows connected to CMCs. Results highlight how CMCs are perceived as inbound information enablers, mostly by means of their community radio component, and as means to share information and communication within the communities' boundaries. Yet, CMCs still do not appear to be widely recognized as participation means to a reality that transcends the communities' physical borders.

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