A partial equilibrium view on security and privacy

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Authors: Katos, V. and Patel, A.

Journal: Information Management and Computer Security

Volume: 16

Issue: 1

Pages: 74-83

ISSN: 0968-5227

DOI: 10.1108/09685220810862760

Purpose - This paper aims to propose a tool to help policy makers understand the dynamic relationships between security and privacy on a strategic (macro) level. Design/methodology/approach - The methodology is ported from the discipline of Macroeconomics, and applied to the information security and privacy domain. The methodology adopted is the so-called "cross methodology" which claims ownership of the well-known supply/demand market equilibrium exercise. Findings - Early evaluation reveals that this is a potentially very effective tool in understanding societal behaviour and position towards information security and privacy and therefore makes this a suitable tool for investigating and exploring scenarios that can assist in policy making. Originality/value - Up to date, research on the economics of security and privacy has been primarily focusing on a micro level. The main contribution of this paper is a methodology for investigating privacy and security on a macro level. We believe that our approach in undertaking this research is new and looking at the issues and relationships between security and privacy at a macro level, gives a better understanding of the problems at hand and how to resolve them. Practical implications - The proposed tool may increase the efficiency of policy making and planning as it enables the policy makers on a governmental and strategic level to run scenarios in order to investigate the effect of their decisions (for example, an introduction of a stricter law relating to computer misuse) to the delicate balance of security and privacy.

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