Santa Claus and Other Methodologies

Authors: Ollis, G.

Journal: CVu: The magazine of the ACCU

Volume: 20

Issue: 6

Pages: 3-7

ISSN: 1354-3164


I don't believe in methodologies. This rather contentious position has opened up many interesting conversations about approaches to software development, but without the subsequent conversation it is a very bald statement. So what do I really mean by it, and does examining it closer actually uncover something more constructive? In this article I will outline my position in more detail and explain how, in the course of bitter experience, I came to reach it. But perhaps ‘bitter’ is the wrong word, because I have had useful opportunities to observe the relationship between plausible methodologies and the real world. So while I will explain some of the reasons for their failure to solve problems, I will also look at the essential elements of successful solutions and how – somewhat to my surprise – I found that methodologies have a valuable contribution to make, much like Santa Claus contributes to the magic of Christmas despite the impossibility of flying reindeer.

Source: Manual

Preferred by: Gail Ollis