Diversity of free-living morphospecies of the ciliate genus Metopus

Authors: Esteban, G., Fenchel, T. and Finlay, B.J.

Journal: Archiv für Protistenkunde

Volume: 146

Pages: 137-164


This is a taxonomic revision of anaerobic free-living ciliates in the genus Metopus.

It includes a rationalization of all nominal species described in the literature, and the allocation of the survivors to "morphospecies". The revision is based on examination of cultured species together with an exhaustive comparison of the published descriptions of nominal species. All free-living Metopus can be allocated to one of five general morphological types. Each type contains several morphospecies (and their synonyms), each with conservative features. The seventy-six nominal species of Metopus are reduced to 22 morphospecies, and M. nivaaensisn. sp. is described.


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