E-portfolios and personal construct theory : the case of computing students

Authors: Chalk, P., Holley, D., Pokorny, H., Andrew, D. and Wilson-Medhurst, S.

Journal: Investigations in university teaching and learning

Volume: 5

Pages: 103-110

Publisher: Centre for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching (CELT), London Metropolitan University


This paper uses personal construct theory to elicit the views of new computing undergraduates about electronic portfolios. It explores the personal constructs used by a small group of computing students when asked to describe e-portfolio elements and an ?ideal? e-portfolio. Previous research indicated that when using a commercial e-portfolio students were unlikely to engage with the e-portfolio unless it was assessed and that there were a number of negative responses from staff and students related to the lack of rewards for the effort and time involved (Chalk, 2008). Our interest is in exploring how designers construe the process to which the portfolio tools are put in order to identify key features of different portfolios. The aim is to identify the possible parameters for designing e-portfolios, notably in relation to their potential for personal development planning.


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