Facilitating student engagement with academic writing : review of an online resource in a widening participation context

Authors: Sinfield, S., Burns, T., Wallace, M., Davies, C., Holley, D. and Albon, D.

Journal: Investigations in university teaching and learning

Volume: 5

Pages: 185-193

Publisher: Centre for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching (CELT), London Metropolitan University


As education undergoes a process of rapid change, impelled by government intervention and market forces, collegiality has for us generated an increased sense of purpose amidst these pressures and a positive way of harnessing new technologies for enhancing our students? learning. The ?widening participation? student in particular tends to experience higher education as a series of ?struggles? in the face of discourses of derision, overassessment, participation in paid employment and, perhaps, those e-learning initiatives designed to rationalise resources rather than support staff or empower students. This paper reviews the ?Write to Learn? (W2L) resource that was produced by collaboration between academic, learning development and learning technology staff to support students in their real-life situations - with their actual academic writing tasks.


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