Exploring the usefulness of new technology with new students : a case study

Authors: Holley, D., Andrew, D. and Pheiffer, G.

Journal: Investigations in university teaching and learning

Volume: 2

Pages: 38-43

Publisher: Centre for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching (CELT), London Metropolitan University


In traditional campus-based universities it is recognised that one factor for student success is that students are physically present, and that therefore one way of encouraging student involvement is to attract them to spend more time on campus. At London Metropolitan University, our students could not be expected to prolong their presence on campus physically due to their multitude of commitments and its inner city location. However, it may be possible to get them to engage with university life virtually. This paper explores the thinking behind encouraging students to develop their online skills whilst at University, and supporting the lecturing staff as role models for this approach.


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