Orienting students to higher education : a business example

Authors: Holley, D., Andrew, D., Pheiffer, G. and Green, M.

Journal: Investigations in university teaching and learning

Volume: 1

Pages: 19-22

Publisher: Centre for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching (CELT), London Metropolitan University


Business Skills (BX101) is a core module for all undergraduate students studying Business at the North campus of London Metropolitan University. It is seen as a key element in assisting new students to settle into, and prepare for, academic life. One of the learning outcomes is ’to help you [i.e. the student] integrate into University life and assist you to develop a range of academic and discipline-based skills and capacities that will enhance your academic and professional achievement’. The course was re-designed for autumn 2002, with the twin objectives of student integration and retention. A core team of staff who had been involved in a research project on the module the previous year (see www.criticallearning.co.uk) redesigned the course. The aim was to give the students a more explicit focus on engagement with study and being a student, one aspect of which was to include the use of Learning styles Inventories [LSI]. At the same time, the team is continuing and developing our research which has now extended from a limited perspective on the value of learning styles as a vehicle for involving students in discussion about learning, to a consideration of wider issues about engagement and adjustment to being a student in higher education.


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