A Design Research Framework to Inform Policy in Irish Higher Education

Authors: Hadfield, M., Hutchings, M., De Eyto, A. and Maher, C.

Journal: ITERATIONS: Design Research and Practice Review

Issue: 2

Pages: 56-57

ISSN: 2009-8243


The landscape of higher education in Ireland is changing. In 2011, the National Strategy for Higher Education to 2030 was launched providing a blueprint for its future development. Part of this ongoing process, will see the implementation of performance funding in the sector. This may impact significantly on design research funding and inquiry in higher education. As a practice which has developed to a significant extent outside of the university, design values, methodologies and requisites fundamental to its progression do not always align well with those of traditional academia and may not be reflected within the current strategic discussions. The focus of this research article is the implementation of performance funding within the Irish higher education sector, its potential impact on design research funding and development, with the ensuing need for designers to articulate clearly the value of design research and its methodological approach.

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