Interactivity and Political Communication: hypermedia campaigning in the UK

Authors: Lilleker, D.

Editors: Espírito Santo, P.

Journal: Comunicacao Publica

Volume: 10

Issue: 18

Within this article we examine the adherence to the conventions of online communication and hypermedia campaigning techniques among European political parties using UK parties as a case study. Overall we find UK political parties adapting to the norms of online communication and a hypermedia campaign model. The Internet is also a feature of the permanent campaign and having a vibrant, frequently updated and interactive web presence is, almost, de rigueur, though sophistication is hindered by resources. One corollary may be that members feel closer to the party, though techniques for achieving this are explored to a greater extent by opposition parties rather than those of government suggesting campaigning norms prevail and there is little indication parties wish to relinquish any of the power over ‘doing’ politics.

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