Constraints on farm woodland planting in England: A study of Nottinghamshire farmers

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Authors: Watkins, C., Williams, D. and Lloyd, T.

Journal: Forestry

Volume: 69

Issue: 2

Pages: 166-176

ISSN: 0015-752X

DOI: 10.1093/forestry/69.2.167

A recent change in British agricultural and forestry policy has been the shift towards the encouragement of substantial planting of new woodland on farmland in England. Previous studies of farm woodland planting are reviewed. A study of the attitudes of 30 farmers on the Bunter Sandstone in western Nottinghamshire to the establishment of new farm woodland is assessed. It is concluded that new policy instruments such as special farm woodland planting grants and the establishment of Community Forests and special regional forestry initiatives have not yet brought about any significant change in the general opposition of farmers to the conversion of agricultural land to woodland.

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