What I wish I'd known 10 years ago

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Authors: Poole, E. and Carr, M.

Journal: Engineering Management

Volume: 15

Issue: 6

Pages: 36-39

ISSN: 0960-7919

DOI: 10.1049/em:20050608

The talent management and succession planning has intensified the quality leadership provided by senior leaders, high potential, and human resource (HR) professionals. The leaders gain experience by management training courses and prioritizing learning on the job front. Knowledge is also gained by managing self, managing change, and dealing with staff, peers, success, and failures. The self-awareness and critical incident muscle memory is increased by devising a programme for leaders to tackle critical incidents in running a company with meta-learning objectives. The organization identifies a potential individual having humility and enthusiasm for development of an organization and delivering maximum benefit. The Future Leaders Experience (FLE) programme deepens the participants learning and categorizes a good participant having an exceptional Emotional Intelligence (EQ). FLE also identifies interventions required for leadership-based training and skills-based training.

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