The “INCOTERMS” challenge: Using multi-media to engage learners

Authors: Holley, D. and Haynes, R.

Journal: Education + Training

Volume: 45

Issue: 7

Pages: 392-401

ISSN: 0040-0912

DOI: 10.1108/00400910310499965


This paper explores issues raised during the development and implementation of a new multimedia learning experience, outlining the context to the research and focussing on the changing roles for teachers and learners in the light of evolving new technologies. A backdrop of successive government policies to widening participation is provided to show the current rationale for higher education institutions encouraging staff to move towards on-line learning. At institution level, this paper discusses the potential issues in the classroom that arise by asking both staff and students to change from more traditional ways of learning. Then the second part of the paper details the teaching problem behind the “INCOTERMS challenge” and covers the development of the multimedia tool. The final section of the paper reviews the evaluation of the tool by the students and discusses the findings in relation to the issues raised in the literature review. © 2003, MCB UP Limited

Source: Scopus