Can restructuring fracture the glass ceiling? The case of women transport and logistics managers

Authors: Simpson, R. and Holley, D.

Journal: Women in Management Review

Volume: 16

Issue: 4

Pages: 174-182

ISSN: 0964-9425

DOI: 10.1108/09649420110392154


Examines the impact of restructuring on the career progression of women transport and logistics managers. Research to date has indicated that restructuring can have detrimental effects on women managers, as middle management levels are reduced through delayering and as the organisation takes on a more competitive and “masculine” culture. Results from this survey on women transport and logistics managers indicate that restructuring can have positive effects. While women experience longer working hours and increased workloads, they encounter fewer career barriers and a more positive attitude to women managers in the organisation. This may point to greater opportunities for training in a changing organisation and a higher probability of new posts and positions being created, as proverbial “dead-wood” is shaken out. Perhaps more importantly, the climate of change may help to “unfreeze” and challenge entrenched attitudes and to create a new meritocracy, in which women can compete on a more equal footing with men. © 2001, MCB UP Limited

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