Feeding problems, gastrostomy and families: A qualitative pilot study

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Authors: Rouse, L., Herrington, P., Assey, J., Baker, R. and Golden, S.

Journal: British Journal of Learning Disabilities

Volume: 30

Issue: 3

Pages: 122-128

eISSN: 1468-3156

ISSN: 1354-4187

DOI: 10.1046/j.1468-3156.2002.00149.x

Feeding problems are often found in children with severe and profound learning disabilities. It is increasingly common for these children to receive a gastrostomy button so that they can maintain an adequate nutritional intake. The psychological implications of this operation for families and carers have received little attention, with most studies focusing on medical and nutritional outcomes. The present paper describes the qualitative findings of interviews carried out with professionals and parents as part of a pilot study. The themes which emerged included the need for early multidisciplinary support and information for parents, improved communication between professionals, and problems relating to funding. Suggestions for improved service delivery are proposed © 2002 BILD Publications.

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