Multisensory environments and older people with dementia

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Authors: Wareing, L.A., Coleman, P.G. and Baker, R.

Journal: International Journal of Therapy and Rehabilitation

Volume: 5

Issue: 12

Pages: 624-629

eISSN: 1759-779X

ISSN: 1741-1645

DOI: 10.12968/bjtr.1998.5.12.14157

© 1998, MA Healthcare Ltd. All rights reserved. Caring for people with dementia is challenging for professionals and relatives, the demands rising as longevity increases for a higher percentage of the population. Current psychosocial approaches to care rely on verbal communication skills. When these are lost sensory stimulation may be a way of communicating with and meeting the needs of this vulnerable group of people. This paper reports on a study using a single case study design with four men in the later stages of dementia. The benefits that resulted following treatment sessions were reduction in apathy and socially disturbed behaviour with increased interest in the environment.

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