Artificial neural networks for vibration based inverse parametric identifications: A review

Authors: Sazzad Hossain, M., Ong Zhi Chao, Zubaidah Ismail, Siamak Noroozi and Khoo Shin Yee

Journal: Applied Soft Computing

ISSN: 1872-9681


Vibration behavior of any solid structure reveals certain dynamic characteristics and property parameters of that structure. Inverse problems dealing with vibration response utilize the response signals to find out input factors and/or certain structural properties. Due to certain drawbacks of traditional solutions to inverse problems, ANNs have gained a major popularity in this field. This paper reviews some earlier researches where ANNs were applied to solve different vibration-based inverse parametric identification problems. The adoption of different ANN algorithms, input-output schemes and required signal processing were denoted in considerable detail. In addition, a number of issues have been reported, including the factors that affect ANNs’ prediction, as well as the advantage and disadvantage of ANN approaches with respect to general inverse methods Based on the critical analysis, suggestions to potential researchers have also been provided for future scopes.

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