The BASES expert statement on safeguarding in the sport sciences

Authors: Kavanagh, E., Knowles, Z., Brady, A., Rhind, D., Gervis, M., Miles, A. and Davison, R.

Journal: The Sport and Exercise Scientist

Issue: 49

Pages: 20-21


Within the context of sport and exercise science, safeguarding concerns a professional obligation to protect all parties (for example the client, athlete and/or self) from maltreatment or harm (Mountjoy et al., 2016). Safeguarding should embrace relational (others), individual (self) and organisational (culture) considerations. The understanding of physical, emotional and social well-being and freedom from discrimination are the focus of safeguarding education. In this expert statement we provide information in three key areas: 1) a brief summary of the research themes and ndings surrounding maltreatment in sport; 2) a discussion of safeguarding within the sport and exercise profession and nally; 3) recommendations for sport and exercise scientists on matters of safeguarding.

Source: Manual

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