Guidance on Setup, Calibration, and Validation of Hydrodynamic, Wave and Sediment Models for Shelf Seas and Estuaries

Authors: Williams, J.J. and Esteves, L.

Journal: Advances in Civil Engineering

Publisher: Hindawi

eISSN: 1687-8094

ISSN: 1687-8086

DOI: 10.1155/7074


The paper is motivated by a present lack of clear model performance guidelines for shelf sea and estuarine modellers seeking to demonstrate to clients and end-users that a model is fit-for-purpose. It addresses the common problems associated with data availability, errors, and uncertainty and examines the model build process, including calibration and validation. It also looks at common assumptions, data input requirements and statistical analyses that can be applied to assess the performance of models of estuaries and shelf seas. Specifically, it takes account of inherent modelling uncertainties and defines metrics of performance based on practical experience. It is intended both as a reference point for numerical modellers as well as for specialist tasked with interpreting the accuracy and validity of results from hydrodynamic, wave and sediment models.

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