Theories and methods in research on tourism gender and women in Ibero-america: a bibliographic analysis

Authors: Vizcaino Suarez, L.P., Serrano Barquin, R., Cruz Jimenez, G. and Pastor Alfonso, M.J.

Journal: Cuadernos de Turismo

Volume: 38

Pages: 485-501

Publisher: Universidad de Murcia

ISSN: 1139-7861

DOI: 10.6018/turismo.38.271531

This article conducts an integrative review of research on tourism, gender and women,published in 11 major tourism refereed journals in Spanish and Portuguese from the first year of publication of each journal. The review established that at least one of the authors was ascribed to an Ibero-American institution. We followed the methodological proposal of Henderson and Gibson (2013) in order to focus the analysis on gender relations and women’s experiences in tourism. Thirty one complete papers were selected for content analysis. This study identifies and analyzes the main themes on the tourism, gender and women research in the Ibero-American region, as well as relevant concepts, methods, instruments and theoretical approaches.

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