Communications: Influence of coating on thermal response of composites reinforced with anisotropic fibers

Authors: You, L.H.

Journal: Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A: Physical Metallurgy and Materials Science

Volume: 34

Issue: 13

Pages: 883-887

ISSN: 1073-5623

DOI: 10.1007/s11661-003-1014-z


Frequently, thermal deformations and stresses exist in the composites caused by the different physical and mechanical properties of the constituents of the composites that can lead to fiber fracture, interfacial cracking or debonding, and matrix failure. The effects of the coating on the thermal response of the composites that consist of anisotropic fibers, linear strain-hardening plastic coating, and elastic matrix subject to a temperature change are investigated. It also examined how the coating and its mechanical properties affect the residual stress distributions in the composites reinforced with a circumferentially orthotropic fiber, a radially orthopodic fiber, and a transversely isotropic fiber.

Source: Scopus

Preferred by: Lihua You