How I would treat migraine

Authors: Peters, D., Goodman, J., Roet, B. and Breen, A.C.

Journal: Complementary Therapies in Medicine

Volume: 1

Issue: 4

Pages: 198-199

ISSN: 0965-2299

DOI: 10.1016/0965-2299(93)90031-8


The rubric complementary therapy covers a variety of approaches that may seem alike only in their being outside orthodox care and training. We have asked experienced practitioners to present their own pieces of this jigsaw, realising that these clinical fragments, when seen together, create excitement but also confusion. Often, the individual approaches to clinical problems with appear totally unrelated, while their apparent effectiveness stretches the biomedical model and conventional research methodology beyond their capacity. With this in mind, we intend that forthcoming articles and reviews will expand on the therapies themselves and discuss the evidence supporting them. © 1993.

Source: Scopus