Current concepts in low back pain: a review

Authors: Breen, A.C.

Journal: Complementary Therapies in Medicine

Volume: 1

Issue: 4

Pages: 203-207

ISSN: 0965-2299

DOI: 10.1016/0965-2299(93)90032-9


The epidemic nature of back pain is often attributed to changing lifestyles. The size of the problem is reflected by the lack of its preventive management, despite an improved understanding of the nature of the complaint. Although defiant of attempts at uniform classification, back pain is most often attributed to mechanical causes and several new methods are emerging, both for the investigation and treatment of these. The future calls for more active treatment strategies, supported by agreed terminologies. This would replace the transparently futile pursuit of fundamental pathology, esoteric treatment approaches, and inappropriate referral to surgeons. © 1993.

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