Gaining traction on cattle exploitation: zooarchaeological evidence from the western Balkan Neolithic (6000-4500 cal BC).

Authors: Gaastra, J., Greenfield, H. and Vander Linden, M.

Journal: Antiquity: a quarterly review of archaeology

Volume: 92

Issue: 366

Pages: 1462-1477

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISSN: 0003-598X

DOI: 10.15184/aqy.2018.178


This study examines sub-pathological alterations to cattle foot bones from eleven central and western Balkan Neolithic sites (c.61/6000 to 4500 cal BC). Systematic comparisons of bone remodelling in those elements shown to be most directly affected by traction is used to determine the potential use of cattle as engines across this region throughout the period. This study provides the earliest direct evidence for the use of cattle for light traction, long before the hard usage pathological evidence previously observed

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