New AMS dates as a contribution to the absolute chronology of the early eneolithic in the central Balkans

Authors: Bulatovic, A., Vander Linden, M. and Gori, M.

Journal: Starinar

Volume: 68

Pages: 19-32

DOI: 10.2298/STA1868019B


In this study we present new absolute dates for the Early Eneolithic in Serbia. Four of them confirm the recently obtained dates from that period (Bubanj-Hum I culture) but two samples (from Mokranjske stene and Bubanj) provide somewhat later dates for this period, although their stratigraphic context makes their interpretation difficult. Pottery from those sites, besides the typical examples, also shows particular stylistic and typological characteristics that resemble Galatin or Sãlcuþa IV cultures, so one can presume that the Bubanj-Hum I culture in Serbia may have lasted longer than what is generally assumed.

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