Operationalising Domain 2 Safe and effective midwifery care: promoting and providing continuity of care and carer

Authors: Fry, J. and Rawnson, S.


Journal: The practising midwife

Volume: 23

Issue: 3

Pages: 18-23

Publisher: Hochland & Hochland Ltd

ISSN: 1461-3123

In this seventh article of The Practising Midwife’s education series, we discuss the new Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC)1 standards for midwifery proficiency – Domain 2: ‘Safe and Effective Midwifery Care: Promoting and Providing Continuity of Care and Carer’. This article provides support and guidance for midwifery educators to enable them to prepare and embed Domain 2 into their pre-registration midwifery curricula. Drawing on our experiences at Bournemouth University, practice challenges are provided and offer practical guidance in examining existing and new frameworks that will enable students to work in continuity models.

Emphasis is placed on ensuring that students and the women they care for are safeguarded and protected at all times and that high standards of care are promoted and maintained.

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