Vix et l’émergence des principautés celtiques : l’hypothèse portuaire et le concept de port of trade

Authors: Chaume, B., Cheetham, P., Komp, R., Lüth, F., Pertlwieser, T., Reinhard, W., Urban, O. and Weissl, M.

Journal: Gallia- Archéologie des Gaules, CNRS Éditions, 2020, Les ports romains dans les Trois Gaules. EntreAtlantique et eaux intérieures

Volume: 77

Issue: 1

Pages: 435-452

DOI: 10.4000/gallia.5394


The latest research carried out at Vix (Côte-d’Or) (2016–2019) made it possible to highlight the presence of possible port facilities on the banks of the Seine river, which would be the first instance of such an infrastructure documented for the end of the Early Iron Age. Such a discovery once again draws attention to the synergy that existed between the Hallstatt princely seats and the rivers on which they were often located. This issue prompts us to discuss the port of trade concept and its application to Celtic princely seats at the end of the Hallstatt period, a time when the princely phenomenon was at its peak.

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