Providing effective maternity care for women affected by fibromyalgia

Authors: King, D.

Journal: British Journal of Midwifery

Volume: 19

Issue: 3

Pages: 158-162

ISSN: 0969-4900

DOI: 10.12968/bjom.2011.19.3.158


Fibromyalgia is a condition for which information is not readily accessible in midwifery or obstetric text books. This 'invisible disability' can have detrimental implications for all aspects of maternity care. From the physiology and psychology of fibromyalgia during the antenatal through to the postnatal period, this article highlights key issues that can have a hidden but significant impact on the maternity experience of women with fibromyalgia. The author explores these issues and suggests ways in which midwives can improve the quality of the care given to women affected with this condition.

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