Evaluation research as passive and apolitical? Some reflections from the field

Authors: Barton, A.

Journal: International Journal of Social Research Methodology

Volume: 5

Issue: 4

Pages: 371-378

eISSN: 1464-5300

ISSN: 1364-5579

DOI: 10.1080/13645570110069688


The need to provide an evaluation of policy implementation is an integral part of almost all work carried out by organizations. Accordingly, many social science researchers will undertake some form of evaluation work during their careers. For many, this task will prove relatively unproblematic. However, for some, evaluation research may pose a number of difficulties. This reflexive article explores one area of concern, focusing as it does on some of the consequences and problems that emerge when researchers undertaking evaluations become involved in the consequences of their work. © 2002 Taylor & Francis Ltd.

Source: Scopus