A pilot study to measure the insertion force of a Tuohy needle in a porcine spine. Abstract

Authors: Isaacs, R.A., Wee, M.Y.K., Dubey, V.N. and Vaughan, N.

Journal: International Journal of Obstetric Anesthesia

Volume: 22

Issue: Supple

Pages: S7-?

ISSN: 0959-289X


There is a complex interplay of forces during an in-vivo epidural needle insertion and without accurate measurement of these forces it is difficult to create realistic epidural simulators. Previous models have relied upon expert user opinion rather than numerical force data, thus making validity difficult to assess. This pilot study presents the results of insertion pressures as a Tuohy needle is advanced through to the epidural space on a porcine cadaver. The primary aim was to test novel and innovative wireless pressure measuring and receiving equipment to facilitate a clinical trial in labouring parturients.



Source: BURO EPrints