Impact of healthcare service quality on patient satisfaction and loyalty in a Jordanian private hospital

Authors: Khaleel, M., Ilkhanizadeh, S. and Khrais, H.

Journal: International Journal of Productivity and Quality Management

Volume: 37

Issue: 3

Pages: 422-434

eISSN: 1746-6482

ISSN: 1746-6474

DOI: 10.1504/ijpqm.2022.126936


This study was aimed to investigate the effect of quality of healthcare on patient satisfaction and their loyalty towards a private hospital in Jordan. In total, 130 outpatients participated in a questionnaire survey at one of the biggest private hospitals in Jordan. These data were analysed using SPSS and applying approaches that involved frequency statistics, factor analysis, C-alpha, correlation and regressions analysis. The results indicate that the variables tangible and empathy have a direct impact on patient loyalty and an indirect impact on patient loyalty through patient satisfaction. It was also found that patient satisfaction has a significant relationship with patient loyalty in the private hospital. Practical implications are drawn from this research with the emergence of private healthcare; there has been competition by the health institutions to increase their performance and attract customers, and to achieve this, the private hospitals in Jordan need to work on enhancing quality, satisfaction and loyalty.

Source: Scopus