The impact of training: an evaluation of an ‘introduction to management' course for social services staff

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Authors: Sharples, S., Galvin, K.T., Holloway, I. and Brown, K.

Journal: Learning in Health and Social Care

Volume: 2

Pages: 37-50

ISSN: 1473-6853

DOI: 10.1046/j.1473-6861.2003.00039.x

This paper reports an evaluation of a management training course undertaken by local authority social services staff. Most participants felt that the course was successful, and positive impacts on practice were reported in both the quantitative and qualitative phases of the study. Areas of change and potential change in practice were identified. More specifically, the course had significant short-term impacts on the skills of course participants. Course participants were more aware of their training needs than the controls. Course participants stressed that training courses cannot stand alone: support was needed via follow-up and supervision.

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