Heterogeneous objects modelling and rendering using implicit complexes

This source preferred by Valery Adzhiev, Alexander Pasko and Peter Comninos

Authors: Kartasheva, E., Adzhiev, V., Comninos, P., Pasko, A. and Schmitt, B.

Journal: Journal of Computer Graphics & CAD/CAM

Volume: 1

Pages: 157-164

ISSN: 1817-3489

This paper describes a technology for modelling and rendering heterogeneous objects containing entities of various dimensionalities within a cellular-functional framework based on the implicit complex notion. Implicit complexes make it possible to combine a cellular representation and a constructive function representation. We describe a formal framework for such a hybrid representation and propose a general structure for implicit complexes. Then, we consider how an implicit complex can be described geometrically and topologically along with its associated attributes. Rendering algorithms for implicit complexes using ray-tracing are also discussed. Finally, we present a case study illustrating the proposed methods and algorithms.

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