Revisiting qualitative inquiry: interviewing in nursing and midwifery research

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Authors: Holloway, I. and Fulbrook, P.

Journal: Nursing Times Research

Volume: 6

Pages: 539-550

ISSN: 1361-4096

DOI: 10.1177/136140960100600111

Qualitative research is now often favoured in nursing and midwifery because it emphasises a person-centred and holistic approach. In this paper it is proposed that this type of inquiry is not only a valid way of carrying out research but also a very useful means of eliciting the perspectives of patients and colleagues. It is acknowledged that qualitative approaches are not unproblematic. In particular, there are issues of validity and reliability which should be addressed by researchers, hence a discussion of these is included. Interviewing is the most common method of collecting data within this approach and is examined here, together with its advantages, common pitfalls and problems.

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