Looking towards the future: but starting now!

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Authors: Rawnson, S., Fry, J., Buxton, C. and Woolfenden, L.

Journal: MIDIRS Midwifery Digest

Volume: 15

Pages: S19-S21

ISSN: 0961-5555

Aims of the project: The aims of the Student Midwife Caseload Project are for student midwives to: . Follow individual women through the continuum of pregnancy, birth and motherhood; . Gain experience of providing continuity of midwifery carer throughout pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period; . Plan, deliver and evaluate a programme of midwifery care and, with increasing experience, exercise independent decision-making skills under the supervision of an experienced midwife; . Gain experience of autonomous practice in a carefully spervised setting prior to qualification.

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