Does practice learning assist the recruitment and retention of staff?

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Authors: Parker, J., Doel, M. and Whitfield, J.

Journal: Research Policy and Planning: The Journal of the Social Services Research Group

Volume: 24

Pages: 179-195

ISSN: 0264-519X

This paper describes a study funded by the Practice Learning Taskforce to consider the links between practice learning and the recruitment and retention of social work staff within Councils with Social Services Responsibilities (CSSRs). The findings confirmed prior anecdotal evidence that practice learning increases the pool of potential employees and is linked to the recruitment of staff where CSSRs provide a supported approach to practice learning and teaching, especially where learning is seen as a reciprocal process engaged in by the team hosting the placement as well as by the student. When practice learning is conceptualised as a central and satisfying team activity opportunities for staff retention are increased. Data quality remains a serious issue, however, and lack of data hampers the development of evidence-based approaches to workforce planning.

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